Why Hine?

Exceeding YOUR Expectations

  • Demonstrated reliability in production environments

  • Collaboratively designed custom solutions to address unique specifications

  • Lightning speed response and turn-around times

  • Knowledge and experience driven designs

  • Cost effective solutions


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Hine Automation is the leading manufacturer for vacuum automation systems and robotic components. Based in Tampa, Florida, Hine Automation serves OEMs in the semiconductor, solar photovoltaic, flat panel display (FPD), data storage, and related industries worldwide. Hine products include: 2-axis and 3-axis atmospheric and vacuum robot (vacuum feedthroughs, linear-rotary precision), vacuum elevators, wafer aligners, single wafer / substrate transfer systems and manipulators (manual or automated load locks), multi-chamber cluster tool platforms, cassette load ports. Up to 300mm wafer sizes for semiconductor manufacturing environments. Our tool automation solutions are available worldwide from Silicon Valley to China. Hine vacuum transport system solutions for thin film process provide equipment integration, control and complete automation product for integration OEM’s process chamber into Integrated Chip (IC) fab environment. Hine services and supports all Hine Design, EMS and Asyst vacuum robotic products.